Sardar applied to a medical college

Sardar applied to a medical college Bt he nvr made it,bcoz

these wer his answers:

Antibody: One who hates his body

Artery: Study of fine paintings

Bacteria: Back door of a cafeteria

Coma: Punctuation mark

Labour pain: Hurt at work

Cardiology: Advanced study of playing cards.

If u get my sms

If u get my sms
I’m Good,
If u save my sms
u agree Im Good,
If u 4wd my sms
u r spreading Im Good,
If u delet my sms u r jealous bcz
I’m 2 Good.

As you grow older

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

In life don’t settle for

A simple thought:-

In life don’t settle for someone who buys you a coffee.
Go for someone who makes it for you.

Little efforts make a big difference.

Sharing problems

Sharing problems
Asking for help
does’nt mean
we are weak or incomplete.
It usually
indicates an
level of trust.

Cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift

Sometimes saying SORRY is the most difficult thing on earth But its the Cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift called Relationship.

Happy Diwali

(@) (@) (@) (@)
[] [] [] [] []
  ; ; ;
c(   )
Meri Taraf Se


Happy Diwali.

Sundar divsachi sundar survat

Sundar divsachi sundar survat.
Najuk unhachi premal saad.
Manzul varyachi haluwar halchal.
Roz tumachya aayushyat yeo sundar sakal.

Good Morning

Happy Narak Chaturdasi & Dipawali

Like Lord Krishna attained victory over Narkasur,
On this Narak Chaturdasi may lord bless you, and you attain victory over all evils.
Happy Narak Chaturdasi & Dipawali 2 u & ur family

Chocklet se Mithe Tere Bol

Chocklet se Mithe Tere Bol,

Koi Kaise Lagaye Tera Mol,

Heere Se Jyada  Tu Anmol,

Msg Pad Liya Na.

Chal ab SMS Karke,

Thank you To BoL.

A journey of a thousand miles

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. – Lao-Tsu

Dole ani Prem

Dole Mitun Prem karte Ti Preyasi

Dole Mitlyasarkhe Prem karte  ti Dasi

Dole Watarun Prem karte ti patni

Dole Miteparyant  Prem karte ti fakt AAI.

Dont read success stories


Dont read success stories,
You will get only message.

Read failure stories,
You will get some ideas to get success?

ZINDGI ka ZEHAR piya nahi jata

Mujhse ab ye ZINDGI ka ZEHAR piya nahi jata yaaro.

Ho Sake toh Mujhe

2 glass
Fruity hi pila do.
(‘,’)/  arey !
/]  [   suno
.! !.
Kurkure b le ana.

Life is like A NoteBook

Life is like A NoteBook
2 Pages Are Already Written By GOD
1st Page is”Birth
Last Page is”Death
Centre Pages are “Empty,
Fill them with Joy & Love”.

Thanx for being my end

Best “work” is Hard “work”,
Best “stand” is under “stand”,
Best “age” is colle”age”,
Best “day” is to”day”,
Best “end” is fri”end”.
So thanx for being my end..!

Mujhe kitna pyar karte hai

Patni: aap mujhe kitna pyar karte hai.

Pati: etna ki markar bhi khatm na ho.

Patni: such mujhe bharosa nahi hota ki tum mujhe marne ke baad bhi pyar karonge.

Pati: markar dekh le pata chal jaiga.

Pati ki halat shadi ke baad

Pati ki halat shadi ke baad

arj kiya hai

Shadi se pehale mai nawwab hua karta tha

Shadi se pehale mai nawwab hua karta tha


Shadi ke baad

Gulam-e-biwi hua karta hu

Mene bhagwan se kaha

Mene bhagwan se kaha iss duniya me aisa q hota hai, Zindagi bhar sat na de sake jo shaks, usse hi pyar q hota hai?

Bhagwan Ne Kaha:-
Mast line hai sabko send kar.

Never try to go back

Never try
go back
Repair the past
which is





Be prepared
construct the Future
which is

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