Happy New Year

Keep the smile.
Leave the tear.
Think of joy.
Forget the fear.
Hold the laugh.
Leave the pain.
Be Joyous coz, its New Year.


If you do regular study

If you do regular study, it means you don’t have confidence in yourself.

Study at last moment shows your confidence.

On this New Year

On this New Year, may you have enough enthusiasm to make your dreams big, enough determination to make each day better than the day before.
Happy New Year!

Kya Bharosa?

Kya Bharosa?

Mobile ka

Battery ka

Charger ka

Network ka

Balance ka

Time ka

Life ka


2 din pehle
Advance me

To u n ur famly

Merry christmas everyone

May this christmas bring joy, prosperity, peace  & happiness in your life and gladen your heart
May you realise the deepest value and essence of this festival.
Stay blessed and be a blessing.
Merry christmas everyone.

Happy Christmas

Dis X-Mas Tree
Brings Hope, Joy, Luv,
Happiness & Peace 2 U & Ur family

*Happy Christmas*

Relationship needs Real Effort

Relationship needs Real Effort,
Even when one of them is Busy with
Their Own Life..

A simple SMS/Miscall reminds Each Other,
That you are not Forgotten.

You are my pumpkin-pumpkin

You are my pumpkin-pumpkin
Hello hony-buny
You are my dumpling-dumplng
Hello honey-buney
Feeling somthng somthng
Hello honey-buney
Toko toko
Dedicated 2 my sweet friends 🙂

Jiske samne aap ro sakte ho

Awesome fact:

Jiske samne aap has sakte ho uske sath aap 1 din bita sakte ho.

Lekin jiske samne aap ro sakte ho uske sath puri zindegi bita sakte ho.

Na kisi ke “ABHAAV” me jiyo

Na kisi ke “ABHAAV” me jiyo,
Na kisi ke “PRABHAAV” me jiyo,
Zindagi Aapki hai,
Apne mast “SWABHAAV” me jiyo.!

Tumchya shivay maitri tikavnar kon?

Tumchya shivay maitri tikavnar kon?
Mazya shivay nati japnar kon?
He deva, mazya ya “MITRANNA” Nehmi Japun thev,
Nahitar maze sms vachnar kon?

Good morning

Take Care
Have a lovely, Nice & Sweet Day

Whenever you are not feeling well

Whenever you are not feeling well
without any reason,
Go & hug the special 1 in your life because sometimes you don’t need medicines you just need magical touch.

Avoiding sumthing

Avoiding sumthing doesn’t always mean that you hate it.
It could also mean that you want it,
You just know that it isn’t yours..!!


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