Unsatisfied with life

Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life;
While many people in this world are dreaming of living your life.

‘YE PAL’ BahUt Yaad Ayenge

Kuch Saalo bad ‘YE PAL’ BahUt Yaad Ayenge, Jab hm Apne Apne Mukaam pr  Pahuch Jayenge,

Akele jab bhi Honge, sath Guzare Hue Lamhe yaad Ayenge,

Paise to bahut honge shayad, par  Kharch karne ke Lamhe kam ho Jayenge,

Aj Zyada Msg Aane se Gussa hote hai, kal Ek-Ek Msg ko Taras Jayenge,

Ek Cup Coffee Yaad Dosto ki Dilayegi, fir Sochte Sochte Aankhe Nam ho Jayegi,

In Palo ko Mil kr Dil Khol kar Jeelo Yaar, kyunki Zindagi in Dino ko fir nahi Dohrayegi.

Simple Test for love & Affection

Simple Test for love & Affection:

Put your wife in a room & lock it.

Put your dog in another room & lock it!

Open both of them after 2-3 hours & see who is Happy to see you, and who will BITE you?

(Sender isn’t responsible for any result)

What makes you Gentleman?

A Britisher asked Vivekananda Swami, Can’t u wear clothes like a Gentleman.

Swamiji:In your Culture, Tailor Makes a Gentleman. In Our Culture CHARACTER makes Gentleman.

Often when we lose hope

Often when we lose hope and think this is the end.

God smiles from the above and says, “Relax dear, it’s just a bend and not the end”!

Tajurbe waqt ke

Kuch iss tarah se sauda kiya mujhse waqt ne,
Tajurbe de kar wo meri nadani le gaya.

What is PRAYER?

PRAYER is a state of mind, where an amazing EXCHANGE happens.
We hand over our worries to GOD and He hands over His blessings to us!

Birthday Gift

Gal- Where’s my b’day gift?
Boy- You see that red hot Ferrari on the side of the road?
Gal: Yes!
Boy: Brought same color neilpolish.

The Mystery Of Hapiness

Happines Can’t be found when you seek it for yourself. But When you give to Others It’ll find its Way Back to you thats The Mystery Of Hapiness.

Experience it.

3 Idiots – Facebook Style

3 Idiots – Facebook Style:

Rancho: *Smiling*

Teacher: Aap muskura kyu rahe ho?

Rancho: Bohot dino se Facebook me account banane ki ichha thi…aaj bana diya hai…bohot maza aa raha hai.

Teacher: Zyada maza lene ki zarurat nai hai…Tell me what is a Post?

Rancho: Anything that is posted on Facebook is Post, Sir.

Teacher: Can you please elaborate?

Rancho: Sir…jo bhi Facebook pe log daalte hai post hai sir…Ghumne ­­­gaye…photo­ daal diya! Post hai Sir. Match dekha score daal diya! Post hai Sir… Sir actually hum post se ghire hue hai sir! Katrina ki pic se Ronaldo ki kick tak!
Sab post hai sir! Ek second me comment, ek second me like!
Comment-Like…­ Comment-Like

Teacher: Shut up! Account banake ye karoge? Comment-Like…­ Comment-Like…

Hey Chatur tum batao,

Chatur: Pictures, texts or videos posted through mobile or tablet or laptop or desktop via different operating system using internet on Facebook is called a Post…

Teacher: Excellent!

Rancho: Par sir maine bhi toh wahi bola seedhe shabdo mein…

Teacher: Seedhe shabdo me karna hai toh orkut ya twitter ke pages pe account banao.

Rancho: Par sir dusre sites bhi toh…

Teacher: Get out!

Rancho: Why sir?

Teacher: Seedhe shabdo me bahar jaiye.

Rancho goes out and comes back*

Teacher: Kya hua?

Rancho: Kuch bhul gaya tha sir.

Teacher: Kya?

Rancho: An utility button given to us, to protect our private data i.e pictures, messages or personal information for being stolen or used for bad purpose by hackers or anyone else.

Teacher: Kehna kya chahte ho!?!?

Rancho: Logout sir! Logout karna bhul gaya tha!

Teacher: Seedha seedha nahi bol sakte the?

Rancho: Thodi der pehle try kiya tha sir, aapko pasand nahi aaya.

Tum ye mat samjhna

Tum ye mat samjh’na k hume koi aur nahi chahta.
Tum chhod bhi doge to maut bahut talabgaar hai hamari.

Phul kabi do bar nai khilte

Phul kabi do bar nai khilte,
Janam kabi do bar nai milte,
Yu milne ko to mil jate hai log hazaro,
Magar Dilse chahne wale Dost bar-bar nahi milte.

Cycle wale ne ek Aadmi ko takkar mar di

Cycle wale ne ek Aadmi ko takkar mar di.

Aur bola-Aap bahut lucky ho.

Aadmi- kaise

Cycle wala- Aaj meri chutti hai.


Pune Special

SATHE- “Kay Joshi! aaj ekdum khush?”

Joshi- “Godbole la Lottery laagli.”

SATHE-“Pan tumhi ka khush?

Joshi-“Tyala ticket sapadat nahiye.”


Never expect, never assume, never ask, and never demand. Just let it be. Because if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Being the Key person

Making memorable moments for urself is not a big thing.

But you being the Key person in others memorable moments is the everlasting feeling.

Good Morning

Jab Koi

Ek Sach Chupa Hota Hai : Jab Koi Kisi Ko Kehta Hai Ki “Mazaak Tha Yaar”.

Ek Feeling Chupi Hoti Hai : Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Mujhe Koi Farq Nahi Padta”

Ek Dard Chupa Hota Hai : Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Its Ok”

Ek Zarurat Chupi Hoti Hai : Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Mujhe Akela Chhod Do”

Ek Gehri Baat Chupi Hoti Hai : Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Pata Nahi”

Ek Samundar Chupa Hota Hai Baato Ka : Jab Koi “Khamosh Rehta Hai”

Isi liye ek Open Heart Surgery unit k baahar likha huwa tha k :

“Agar Dil Khol Lete Apne Yaaro Ke Saath, To Aaj Kholna Na Padta Auozaro K Saath”

“Share Life With True Friends”

As flowers open with fresh scents

As flowers open with fresh scents in the mornings, so does the hands of God with new blessings.

May you always receive God’s blessings at all times!

Good Morning & Good Day!

If people criticise you

If people criticise you,
Hurt you,
shout at you,
Don’t bother.

Just Remember, “In every game only audience makes noise,
not the player “.

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

– Albert Einstein

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