Happiness cannot be earned

Happiness cannot be earned.
It is the experience of living every moment of life with love, grace and gratitude.

Never be afraid to be yourself

Never be afraid to be yourself.
Remember an original is worth more than a copy.

To believe in

To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all;
But to believe in the unseen is both a triumph and a blessing.

There are 2 ways of being united

There are 2 ways of being united, by being frozen together or by melting together.
It’s better to be melted in feelings than to be frozen in differences.
Good Morning!?

Khawab ap jaise ho

Khawab ap jaise ho to khawab na tute,

dost ap jaisa ho to sath na tute,

dil k dor se bandhe hai riste,

khuda kare apka mera sath na chute.


Good Morning…

“Beauty does not create

“Beauty does not create friendship, but friendship creates beauty”

“Break evrything for Heartful friend,

but never break a friendship for anything.”

Today Is Specail Day

Today Is Specail Day For Everyone U Know Why

Becuase Today Is 11/12/13 It Comes Ones In Thousand Years So Enjoy Every Moment Of The Day Happy Wednsday. .


~”~    HOT
c(“”‘)  TEA
   “”‘ FOR YOU

Taste The TEA,
But plz Pay The Bill.

1 TEA=1Sweet Smile..!

It’s very easy

“It’s very easy to recollect the precious moments with our lovable frnds..
But it’s not easy to forget the lovable frnds who made the moments precious..”

एक मुलगा आपल्या गर्लफ्रेंडच्या घरी फोन लावतो

एक मुलगा आपल्या गर्लफ्रेंडच्या घरी फोन लावतो.
तिचे वडील फोन उचलतात..
मुलगा मनात म्हणतो.. हे भगवान हा रावण कुठून आला..
वडील : हेल्लो, कोण बोलताय ?
मुलगा : मैं अमिताभ बच्चन बोल रहा हूँ
“कौन बनेगा करोड़पति” से
आपकी बेटी की फ्रेंड हॉट सीट पर बेठी है
आपकी बेटी की मदद चाहती है, उसको फोन दीजिये सर,
वडील : ओह, आश्चर्यचकित होऊन
मुलीला फोन देताच मुलगा : सवाल यह “आज शाम को तुम कहाँ मिलोगी ?”
Option A : सारसबाग
Option B : झेड ब्रिज
Option C : कोरेगओन पार्क
Option D : पुणे सेन्ट्रल मॉल मुलगी : “Option B”
मुलगा : धन्यवाद.

Do not drink and drive

Do not drink and drive…
Because there are people out there…
Who text and drive…
And they will hit you and it will be your fault..

Kiti mast majach majja

GF: Janu, Monday shoping, Tuesdy hotel, Wednsdy firayla, Thursdy jevayla, Friday movie & Sat la picnic… Kiti mast majach majja

BF: Ho ani Sunday mandir.

GF: Kashala?

BF: Bhik magayla.

Jab puri India ka dhyaan election ki taraf tha

Jab puri India ka dhyaan election ki taraf tha,
Dhoni ne iss baat ka fayada uthate hue
Chupke se Ishant Sharma ko team mein le liya 

Life becoming like Temple Run and Subway Surfer

Isn’t Life becoming like Temple Run and Subway Surfer?

Running all the way to collect coins just to reach no where.

And then spending those coins just to run more efficiently.

Mat pucho mujse k mera KAROBAR kya he?

Mat pucho mujse k mera KAROBAR kya he?….
HUM to MOHABBAT bechte hai, NAFRAT ke BAZAR me…

great wall of China

Why does the great wall of China come in the 7 wonders of the world?


It’s the first and only Chinese product which stayed for so long….

When U Bow down for God

When U Bow down for God,
HE stands up for U &
When HE stands up for U,
No one can stand against U.
So let God be the pillar of ur life.

Do not store dreams in your eyes

Do not store dreams in your eyes,
They may roll down with tears.
Store them in your heart,
Each heart beat will inspire you to fulfill them.
Good Morning.

Kasoor na unka hai na mera

Kasoor na unka hai na mera,
hum dono hi rishton ki rasmein nibhate rahe,
woh dosti ka ehsaas jatate rahe,
hum mohabbat ko dil mein chupate rahe.

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