The richest wealth is Wisdom

The richest wealth is Wisdom.
The strongest weapon is Patience.
The best security is Faith.
The greatest tonic is Laughter.
Surprisingly, all are Free.

It isn’t what you have

It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy.
It is what you think about it.

There is no future in any job

There is no future in any job.
The future lies in the man who holds the job.

Character cannot be developed

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Life is similar to a Boxing Game

Life is similar to a Boxing Game.
Defeat is not declared when you fall down;
It is declared when you refuse to get up.

Not dreams but night changes

Not dreams but night changes;
Not destiny but path changes.
Always keep your hopes alive,
Luck may or may not change,
But time definitely changes.

A young woman goes to Doctor

A young woman goes to Doctor, beaten black and blue.
Doctor: “What happened?”
Woman: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every time my husband comes drunk, he beats me senseless”
Doctor: “I have a real good medicine for that. When your husband comes home drunk, just drink some water and hold it in your mouth. Hold it in, but don’t swallow until he goes to bed and is asleep”

Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn.

Woman: “Doctor that was a brilliant idea. Every time my husband came home drunk, I kept a mouthful of water and held it till he slept. And he didn’t touch me.”

Doctor: “You see how much keeping your mouth shut helps”

Running away from your problems

Running away from your problems is a race you shall never win!

Don’t be pushed by your problems

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be lead by your dreams!

Your attitude

Your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude.

Husband was about to deliver speech

At a dinner party,
husband was about to deliver speech as Guest Speaker ,
his  wife, who was sitting at the other end of the table,
sent him a piece of paper with the word….
“KISS” scribbled on it.

A guest seated next to him said,
“It looks like your wife has sent you a kiss for good luck.
She must love you very much.”

He clarified , “You don’t know my wife.
The letters stand for…
“Keep it short, stupid.”

Avoiding situations

Avoiding situations in which you might make mistakes… may be the biggest mistake of all!?

Avoiding situations

Avoiding situations in which you might make mistakes… may be the biggest mistake of all!?

If you need knowledge

If you need knowledge, keep adding something new to your mind everyday;
If you need wisdom, keep deleting a few things from your mind everyday.

Keep your face towards the sunshine

Keep your face towards the sunshine.
You will never see the shadow.

Relation with nice persons is like ice cubes

Relation with nice persons is like ice cubes.
You may break, crush, squeeze, beat or grind them, still they chill your life.

A smile can open a heart

A smile can open a heart faster than

A key can open a door.

Smiles are free so don’t save them.

Brighten the world with your smile.

Once upon a Time…

Once upon a Time…

When Window was a Square Hole in a Room & Application was Something Written on a Piece of Paper,

When Keyboard was a Piano & Mouse just an Animal,

When File was an Important Office Material & Hard Drive just an Uncomfortable Road Trip,

When Cut was done with Knife & Paste with Glue,

When Web was Spider’s Home & Virus was Flu & When Apple & Blackberry were just Fruits.

Thats when, We had a lot of Time for Family & Friends.

Alphabet ‘O’ stands for Opportunity

Alphabet ‘O’ stands for Opportunity which is absent in ‘Yesterday’;
Available only once in ‘Today’;
And thrice in ‘Tomorrow’

नींद और मौत में क्या फर्क है?

नींद और मौत में क्या फर्क है?
किसी ने क्या खूबसूरत जवाब दिया है….
“नींद आधी मौत है”
“मौत मुकम्मल नींद है”
जिंदगी तो अपने ही तरीके से चलती है….
औरों के सहारे तो जनाज़े उठा करते हैं।
सुबहे होती है , शाम होती है
उम्र यू ही तमाम होती है ।
कोई रो कर दिल बहलाता है
और कोई हँस कर दर्द छुपाता है.
क्या करामात है कुदरत की,
ज़िंदा इंसान पानी में डूब जाता है
और मुर्दा तैर के दिखाता है…
बस के कंडक्टर सी हो गयी है जिंदगी यारो।
सफ़र भी रोज़ का है और जाना भी कही नहीं।.

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