Life can be a reality for achievers

Life can be a reality for achievers,
But a tragedy for dreamers.

Only having messages for others

Only having messages for others is not life;
But our life should be a message to others!?

Between tomorrow and yesterday

Between tomorrow’s dream and yesterday’s regret is today’s opportunity.

Happiness cannot be earned

Happiness cannot be earned.
It is the experience of living every moment of life with love, grace and gratitude.

Best lines For a practical life

Best lines
For a practical life
From Charlie Chaplin:
“I have many problems
in my Life..!
My Lips doesn’t know that.
It Always Smiles.

Two rules to enjoy peaceful life

Two rules to enjoy peaceful life.
Failure should never go to heart;
And success should never go to head.

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Spending today

Spending today, complaining about yesterday – won’t make tomorrow any better.
Good Day!?

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Outstanding Coincidences of Words

Outstanding Coincidences of Words :

Hate has 4 letters
so does Love.

Enemies has 7 letters
so does Friends.

Lying has 5
so does Truth.

Negative has 8
so does Positive.

Under has 5
so does Above.

Cry has 3 letters
so does Joy.

Anger has 5 letters
so does Happy.

Right has 5 letters
so does Wrong.

Are they by Coincidences?

It means Life is like a Double edged Sword,
We should choose the BETTER SIDE OF LIFE.

You can have anything your heart desires

You can have anything your heart desires if you are willing enough to work for it and patient enough to wait for it to be yours.

Life is the most difficult exam

Life is the most difficult exam.

Many people fail because they try to copy others – Not realising that everyone has a different question paper!

Jinhe Sapne Dekhna Achchha Lagta hai

Jinhe Sapne Dekhna Achchha Lagta hai,
Unhe Raat Chhoti Lagti hai.
Aur Jinhe Sapne Pura Karna Achchha Lagta hai,
Unhe Din Chhota Lagta hai.
Good Morning!

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Effort is never wasted

Effort is never wasted even when it leads to disappointin result.
Bcoz it alwayz make us more Stronger, capable & Experienced.
Best of luck

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Success lies not in the result….

Success lies not in d result but in d effort.
“Being” d Best is NOT at all important.
“Doing” d Best is all that matter…

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In order to succeed

In order to succeed,
your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

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