Here comes rajni

Here comes rajni….

C.A.T Exam question:

Spell the word “COW” in 13 letters.

Scientists got mad calculating it..
Even Professors couldn’t answer..
Lecturers said that it’s a wrong query, printing mistake, etc.
Toppers got confused..
Average students’ minds went blank cursing the question setters..
Below-Average students committed suicide, unable to solve it..

BUT,  Hang on…….here comes  Rajni Sir ……….
gave a cool answer..

All the rajni fans Thalaiva

You can have anything your heart desires

You can have anything your heart desires if you are willing enough to work for it and patient enough to wait for it to be yours.

You can’t hire people to run the company

“You can’t hire people to run the company and then not let them do what they think is right.”
– Michael Bloomberg,
   NYC Mayor

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