I love the ‘Y’


I love the ‘Y’
I love the ‘O’
I love the ‘U’
       Put them together,
        I love ‘You’


Love is like

Love is like cloud……
Love is like dream…..
Love is 1 word and everything in between……
Love is a fairytale come true…..
Coz I found Love when I found U….

It’s raining now…..

It’s raining now….
Should you look out the window and try to count the no. of raindrop you see falling from the sky above,…that’s how much I’m MISSING YOU now….


May the Divine Light

May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into ur Life Peace, Prosperity,Happiness & Good Health.
Happy Diwali…..

Dole ani Prem

Dole Mitun Prem karte Ti Preyasi

Dole Mitlyasarkhe Prem karte  ti Dasi

Dole Watarun Prem karte ti patni

Dole Miteparyant  Prem karte ti fakt AAI.

Wo barse ya na barse saawan hi to hai

Wo barse ya na barse saawan hi to hai,

Jaane kab sukh jaaye Gulshan hi to hai,

Mere dil me rahne ki aadat na daalo,

** Ae Dost**

Jaane kab ruk jaaye Dhadkan hi to hai .!!!!

A Line By A Guy For His Girl

A Line By A Guy For His Girl :
‘I Dont Love Or Propose Who Ever I See,
Because I Am The Gifted IDIOT To My Beautiful Queen’

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Without you, I don’t know how to smile?

God asked me to choose b/w u & my smile,
I chose u bcoz without u,
I don’t know how to smile.
So be with me always, if u want me to smile!!”

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Rajnikant ka beta nahi

Girl:Kya Tum Mere Ashiq Ho?
Girl:To Phir Muje chand, tare,duniya ki sari daulat-khushiya do.
Boy:Tera Ashiq Hu Rajnikant Ka Beta nahi;-)

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Love u extraordinarily

I am not a writer to write beautiful words 4 u,
Nor a poet to write poetry on u.
All I am is an ordinary man who loves u extra-ordinarily.

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