A smile can open a heart

A smile can open a heart faster than

A key can open a door.

Smiles are free so don’t save them.

Brighten the world with your smile.

Be thankful to God

Be thankful to God, he created tomorrows – to take chances, to change and to do better.
Have a Good Day.

Duniya me rah kar sapno me kho jao

Duniya me rah kar sapno me kho jao.
Kisi ko apna bana lo ya kisi ke ho jao.
Agar kuch bhi nahi kar sakte ho
Tobdon”t worry
Chadar-takia lo aur so jao.
Good night

Do not think of me

Do not think of me.
I m in ur eyes
…in ur mind
…in ur heart
…in ur soul
…ever if u want me
…just close ur eyes and listen
I m saying “I miss you”
..Good Night..

Sote hue ko jagaynge hum

Sote hue ko jagaynge hum,
Ap ki nind churayenge hum,
Har waqt sms kar ke sataynge hum,
Aap ko aayega gussa lekin
Us Gusse me bhi yad to aayege hum.

Good Night

Good Night – Happy Winter

Ek Ek ko Sweter Me Lapet kar Bhejna Pada..
Thandi Itni Hai
Ki Koi Bhi Jane ko Taiyar Hi Nahi Tha..;
Happy Winter.

True Word

Agar Kisiko Apna Kaho To Hmesa Uske Dil Ke Karib Rho
Apne Pyar Ka Ehsaas Dilao.

Varna Waqt USE Apke Bina Jina Sikha Dega…..


Thought 4 the Night-

Thought 4 the Night-

“It is not important how much you value a person..

Important is that how long you value that person with same feelings”..

Koi dost ko yad karta hai

Koi dost ko yad karta hai,
Koi dushman ko yad karta hai.
Hum to use yad karte hai,
Jo hame yad karta hai.

True well wishers are like stars

True well wishers are like stars that always shine but often we do not see them until the dark hours come.
Good Night!

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Life offers you a second chance

Life offers you a second chance.
It’s called tomorrow.
Have a nice sleep to face the new tomorrow!
Good Night!


S-Say Thank To The God.
L-Lying On The Bed.
E-Eyes Closed Slowly.
E-End Of Day.
P-Plan For The Next Day.
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Every night same wish

Evry 9t same wish.
so Boring na?

Let it B Diff 2nyt.
Let Tigers guard U,
Snakes Dance around U,
Cheetas Hug U & Lions kiss U.
Wish u Geographic Nyt & Jungli Drms:

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As the moon winks at you tonight

As the moon winks at you tonight,
I wish sweet dream embrace you tight!
Hope your day was quite alright,
& now I greet you with a lovely n sweet good night

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SHUT DOWN your eyes

your eyes

some memories

some dreams

some joy

all your

sweet dreams

Good Night &
Sleep Well…!!:-):-)

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Good Night Art

*:     *;
*:   “*,
*;       ‘* A A T
*:     *:
*:     *:
*:     *:
*;     *:AI
;*” “*.
‘*: .;*;O JAO


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Itukali Pitukali

Kushit Zoplay Kon,
Itukali Pitukali
Pille Don,
Mich Miche Dole
Ivale Ivale Kaan,
Pangharun Gheun
Aata Zopi Ja Chhan.

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