Our comfort level with a person

“Wordless Wisdom”

Our comfort level with a person is best when we can express our discomfort easily

Tere Chehare Par Asko Ki Lakir Ban Gayi

Tere Chehare Par Asko Ki Lakir Ban Gayi,
Jo Na Socha Tha Tu O Taqudeer Ban Gayi.
Hame To Firayi Thi Reto Par Ungaliya,
Mud Kar Dekha To Tumhari “Tasveer” Ban Gayi.

Manatle gupit Manapasun Japave lagte

Manatle gupit Manapasun Japave lagte,
Nkalat alelya ashruna Lapvave lagte,
PREM asach aste,
kadhi ashruna, kadhi bhavnana
Tar kadhi swatalach savrave lagte.

True Word

Agar Kisiko Apna Kaho To Hmesa Uske Dil Ke Karib Rho
Apne Pyar Ka Ehsaas Dilao.

Varna Waqt USE Apke Bina Jina Sikha Dega…..


The Lovely Good Morning


The Lovely Good Morning message Does not Means to Disturb you…..
But it means that you are my First Think of the Day….

Good Morning.

I love the ‘Y’


I love the ‘Y’
I love the ‘O’
I love the ‘U’
       Put them together,
        I love ‘You’


          How can
            such a small word
               mean so much?

Love is like

Love is like war….
Easy to start….
Difficult to end….
Imposible to forget….

Love is like

Love is like cloud……
Love is like dream…..
Love is 1 word and everything in between……
Love is a fairytale come true…..
Coz I found Love when I found U….

It’s raining now…..

It’s raining now….
Should you look out the window and try to count the no. of raindrop you see falling from the sky above,…that’s how much I’m MISSING YOU now….



Love thrives

Heart is the only broken machine

Heart is the only broken machine
That works witout repairing FOR years.
Keep it happy alwayz,
Whether it is yours or others.

I deleted one of my friend’s number

A touching msg..

I deleted one of my friend’s number From my phonebook
Because of certain misundrstndings between us..

Today I receivd a friendship message from an unknown number
I replied ‘WHO are you”?

The reply made me cry..

“Idiot don’t you even know the spelling of ‘HOW’..?
I am fine yaar..”

When nails grow long we cut nails

When nails grow long we cut nails,
not our fingers.
Similarly when misunderstandings grow up,
cut your ego not your relation!

Gila unse nahi koi

Gila unse nahi koi,
gila apni majburiyon se karte hai,
wo aaj hamare kareeb nahi to kya,
mohabbat aaj bhi unki duriyo se karte hai.

It is Not Imprtant To have Long Friend List

It is Not Imprtant To have Long Friend List On
Facebook & WhatsApp.
Bt It is Important to
Have atleast 1 Friend Who Can Read ur
Face As a Book and ask What’s up?

मी माझ्या हृदयाला विचारलं

मी माझ्या हृदयाला विचारलं ,
” मला रात्री झोप का येत नाही….मला प्रेम झालं आहे का? ”
हृदयानं उत्तर दिलं :
नाटकं नको करू रताळ्या…. दुपारी 8 तास झोपलास, आता तुला झोप येणार का?

What is d meaning of LIFE?

A great thinker was asked-
What is d meaning of LIFE?
He replied-
“LIFE itself has no meaning,
LIFE is an OPPORTUNITY to create a MEANING”.

Relations require real effort

“Relations require real effort. Even when all of us r busy with our own lives, a simple msg aftr a long time will remind dat few relations are stil alive..”

Every moment of our life

Every moment of our life is a picture which we never see before and which we’ll never see again.
So let’s enjoy and live life to the fullest and make every moment beautiful.

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