Abraham Lincoln’s Letter to Headmaster

Dear Sir,

I know that he will have to learn all men are not just honest, all men are not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader. Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend.

It will take time, I know; but teach him if you can, that dollar earned is of far more value that five found.

Teach him to learn to lose and also to enjoy winning. Steer him away from envy; if you can, teach him, the secret of quiet laughter. Let him learn early that the bullies are the easiest to lick.

Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books but also give quiet time to ponder eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun and flowers on a green hillside.

In School teach him. It is far more honorable to fail that to cheat. Teach him, to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells in they are wrong.

Teach him to be gentle with gentle people, and tough with the tough. Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when everyone is getting on the bandwagon.

Teach him to listen all men, but teach him also to filter all the hears on the screen of truth, and take only the good that comes through.

Teach him, if you can how to laugh when he is sad. Teach him, there is no shame in tears. Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much sweetness.

Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidder, but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul. Teach him, to close his ears to a howling mob and to stand and fight if thinks he’s right.

Treat him gently, but do not cuddle him, because only the test of fire makes fine steel. Let him have the courage to be impatience let him have the patience to be brave.

Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself, because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind.

This is a big order, but I see what you can do. He is such a fine little fellow, my son!

– Abraham Lincoln





Songs for Students

School: Ye Duniya Ye Mehfil Mere Kaam Ki nahi.

Tution: Idher Chala Main Udher Chala Janey Kahan Main Kidher Chala.

Maths: Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye Kahan Shuru Kahan Khatam.

Science: Aa Khushi Se Khud Khushi Karle.

Exam: Choti Choti Raatein Lambi Ho Jaati Hain.

Result (Naat ): Jab dil hi toot gaya hum jeeke kya kare.

Pass: Aaj Lagta Hai main Hawa Mein hoon Aaj Itni Khushi Mili hai.

Fail: Chann se Jo Tootey Koi sapna jag soona soona laagay.

If you do regular study

If you do regular study, it means you don’t have confidence in yourself.

Study at last moment shows your confidence.

Oye joke bhej

Frnd texted me- Oye joke bhej

I replied : Padhai kar raha hu, sometime later!

Reply comes : Mast hai.!! Aur bhej!

Hadd hai yar…itni bezzati


Just take a Decision

A Wrong Decision can Double the Experience
Correct Decision can Double your Confidence.
So don’t worry in either Case
Just take a Decision!

Why Write “Etc” In Exams?

Why We Sometimes Write “Etc” In Exams?

Because It Means.
E-End Of

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1 tree katne se 200 exam papers bante he

1 tree katne se 200 exam papers bante he,
agar ham sab students mill kar exam na dene ka faisala kare,
to socho kitne ped bacha sakte aakhir ham hi to future he.
Stop global warming
Save tree
Is sms ko he students ko bhejo
exam hatao.
TREE bachao!

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What do you mean by Group Projects?

Group projects:
1 person does all the work, everyone takes the credit.

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Why do we have to study Maths?

In an Engineering Maths class –

Teacher : Why do we have to study Maths?

Student : To save lives!

Teacher : How does Maths saves lives?

Student : It keeps idiots like you out of Medical College.

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Mom: kaiku rora re potte?
son: teachr mari meku
M: kaiku mari chudel ne
S: mai usku MURGI bola
M: kaiku bola
S: kaiku boleto, exam me hmesha andech dalri.

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